Our Passion for Sustainability

We are privileged to have a location in one of the most naturally beautiful and diverse parts of the British Isles, here in the very heart of Dartmoor National Park. Like any business, our activities have an impact on the environment in which we operate, but our committed aim is to keep our footprint as light as possible.

As responsible and professional hoteliers and restaurateurs, we have embedded sustainability in all aspects of our business, from energy reduction measures to recycling, waste reduction and waste management.

All waste is carefully segregated, to ensure that we are maximising recycling – particularly with regard to glass, packaging and food waste. Our food waste contractor uses anaerobic digesters to produce bio-methane from food and green waste.

Naturally we have implemented low-energy lighting throughout the hotel, and we continually upgrade our heating and hot water systems to ensure they are as efficient as possible.

Our water comes from a naturally occurring spring (and of course is subject to stringent filtration, purification and testing).

Another core element of our green credentials is our passion for local sourcing of food ingredients, mostly from Devon’s farmers, fishermen and producers. By sourcing locally we reduce food miles, and we really get to know our suppliers and their ethical farming, fishing and production practices. 

We have a modest kitchen garden in our hotel grounds, which makes a small but worthwhile contribution to our larder of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Two Bridges Hotel, and sharing with you our very special place in the heart of Dartmoor. You can also do your bit for sustainability when you come to visit, perhaps by using public transport options where you can (though we know that's not always easy in rural Devon), and through simple steps such as reusing your towels as you would at home, and separating your waste so that we can recycle it for you.